Real Love Story in Adult friend Dating Personals

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Real Love Story in Adult friend Dating Personals

Post  Nile244 on Thu Feb 10, 2011 5:12 pm

Hello Friends

I was in love, truly, severely in love with my ex-boyfriend over 2 years ago. We broke up as it usually happens when you are 18. It was an repulsive conclusion I still loved him. Could not have stayed in Mexico any longer, needed a change.

I quit my job and said goodbye to my family, came to Atlanta to start my life all over again. I missed him, I missed him a lot but I have forever been sturdy women so I knew I cannot give up. I settled down in the heart of Dublin, got an okay job, got friends. Had my life just akin to before him. Never thought I would descend in love with someone again. Once I was expenditure time on my Face book.


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