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About Friendship

Post  Nile244 on Thu Feb 24, 2011 7:50 pm

Hello Friends

I would like to share following love story.

Friends are of different type some friend very close to us with whom we are sharing the entire thing which happen in our life. Some friends are just a professional friend, with whom we just discuss our professional thing. Friend ship is very wide, there are lot off thing in friend. We never get change to choose our family or relatives, but are very lucky to have a change to choose our friend. There are saying that 100 books are equal to one friend, but one good friend is equal to 100 books.

If we have a friend we always share our secret we tell our problem to them and we defiantly know that our friend will help us. Friend ship is the only thing in which we just have our feeling to share with each other and in which we never accept the reward of the help done by us.


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